Cultural tour
The culture of the Ladakhi people is an interesting mix of Tibetan and other customs. Strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, the Ladakhis are a hard working honest lot. Weaving cloth from wool acquired from Yak and goats has been a traditional occupation; in some regions metal work is an important craft. However agriculture and raising livestock seem to have been main occupations providing clothing, shelter, and food. Having cheerfully adapted to the harsh weather and austere living conditions the Ladakhis are now easily merging with modern attitudes without compromising on their traditional customs and faith. Being an extension of Tibet, most of their religious influences have been of Tibetan origin. Sturdy and easily adaptable by nature, Ladakhis are a warm and hospitable simple people and on our culture tours we take you visiting traditional Ladakhi homes and villages, ancient monasteries and interact with the nomadic Changpa herdsmen.

Our culture tours are designed in such a way as to have no or at the most a very low impact on the Ladakhi's lifestyle. Our emphasis is to encourage buying of local produce and handicrafts that directly economically benefit the local people. We employ local staff and encourage their development without intruding on their beliefs and faith.

Our culture tours have been specifically designed to share the most detailed factors that showcase the traditions and customs of the different communities that co exist in admirable harmony in Ladakh. These tours range from 2 to 10 day exploratory journeys. As monasteries are the most important influence in a Ladakhi's life we visit some of the more famous ones on special occasions where you get to see religious rites and masked dances. A visit to the villages of the pure Aryan Dha Hanu community is one of our more popular culture tours as is the brief stay with the Changpa nomads. Visits to the major monasteries accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who can explain the intricacies of Ladakhi customs and traditions is an intrinsic part of our culture tours and these Gompas include - Hemis, Shey, Stok, Thikse, Spituk, Alchi, the Zanskari Gompas of Rangdum and Zangla.

Festival Venue 2016 2017
Spituk Gustor Spituk Monastery Jan 7, 8 Jan 25, 26
Dosmochay Leh, Likir and Diskit Feb 6, 7 Feb 24, 25
Stok Guru Tseschu Stok Monastery Feb 16, 17 Mar 6, 7
Matho Nagrang Matho Monastery Feb 21, 22 Mar 11, 11
Hemis Tseschu Hemis Monastery Jul 14, 15 Jul 3, 4
Yuru Kabgyat Lamayuru Monastery Jul 1, 2 June 21, 22
Karsha Gustor Karsha, Zanskar Jul 31,Aug 1 Jul 21, 22
Phyang Tsedup Phyang Monastery Jul 31,Aug 1 Jul 21, 22
Korzok Godma Korzok Monastery Aug 5,6 Jul 26, 27
DakThok Tseschu DakThok Monastery Aug 13, 14 Aug 2, 3
Sant Naro Nasjal Sani Monastery, Zanskar Aug 17, 18 Aug 6, 7
Thiksay Gustor Thiksay Monastery Nov 17,18 Nov 6,7
Chemray Angchok Chemray Monastery Nov 27,28 Nov 16,17
Galdan Ngamchot All Over Ladakh Dec 23 Dec 12
Losar All Over Ladakh Dec 30 Dec 19

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